1. Anonymous said: I'm the same anon from yesterday and I'm going to *try* and send you a compliment everyday. You deserve it. :)

    :) thank you so much :)


  2. Anonymous said: you're seriously very cute.

    Thanks. I needed the boost today.

    I just wish you weren’t anon :/


  3. Anonymous said: Do you like someone? Because I think you're amazing

    Yeah…. But, I don’t think it’ll work out.. It sucks


  4. Tmi Tuesday. Ask me shit


  5. Ngl

    Super lonely in this hotel room. This sucks. I’m bored.


  7. Reblog if it is alright if I come to your blog and anonymously confess something to you.

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  8. Fight me

  9. Bored my god

  10. Ok now I’m bored and lonely. Let’s chat?