1. Anonymous said: Yes

    Well, it depends on who this is


  2. Anonymous said: Boobs

    Can I use them as pillows!?!!



  3. Anonymous said: Hello there sir save yourself from this heat and always remember only you can prevent a wildfire.

    The more you know.


  4. Anonymous said: I am at work sadly. It is painfully boring.

    that suuuuuucks….. its rather late for work no?


  5. Anonymous said: Last time you had sex?

    wayyyyyy too long ago. 

    sad day.


  6. Anonymous said: Whatcha up to tonight?

    Nothing much just sitting here listening to music and about to hop on Destiny and get my game on. But who knows. 

    What about you greyface?


  7. anons would be nice tonight… 


  8. Ask me things.

    Tmi Tuesday


  9. Anonymous said: I will gladly sit on your face. For science or not.

    But you’re a grey face :(


  10. Which tumblr user do you ship me with?