1. Man, some days I just wish I had died when I went to the hospital when I was younger.

    Sometimes I wish it came out of remission and finished the job…

    I’m just gonna disappear for awhile.

  2. itrybutijustendupeatingfries:




    “You can’t control the Universe. You are the water, not the rock.” 

    But actually, after a very long time, if it keeps going, the water will eventually shape the rock. You don’t realize it at first but it’s happening, it happens every second. Yes, you’re the water, but if you can’t see how you changed the universe, it doesn’t mean you didn’t.

    You are what everyone needs in their life

    be my best friend. 

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  3. Anonymous asked: I've been sent as an anon

    much thank.

    such wow.


  4. Anonymous asked: Don't know what happened but I understand the used feeling all too well.

    Yeah…. never thought it would happen with this person but, poof, it did.


  5. send me more anons. please.


  6. Anonymous asked: Who is the person who used you?

    Someone who I thought was a really good friend.

    But, I’m used to it. I’ll get over it.


  7. Damn, I feel straight up used. I don’t even know why I consider you my friend anymore.


  8. nicolechute:


    How do you funny?

    Do joke

    god dammit kevin….


  9. I want to know what my show is, and I want to know what i’ll be wearing this summer.


    It’s literally killing me.. 



  10. This is like my favorite shirt.. 

    And I’m really bored. I’m blogging a fucking shirt.. Someone talk to me? Or text me? Or whatever. I’m really nice.