1. Anonymous said: I understand. I hope your day is great today. You deserve it. -J

    It was :) thank you! Got to teach band!

  2. This is pretty badass.

    Sister corps love at it’s finest.



  3. Anonymous said: How has your day been? :) -J

    It’s been ok!! Just work…


  4. Anonymous said: You're attractive, can we be friends?

    Of course we can!! Come off anon!

  5. mellofhorn:

    look who showed up


  6. Anonymous said: Go for it, you have nothing to loose.



  7. Anonymous said: I hope you're having a fabulous day, cutie. :) -J

    Thanks! I am!


  8. Anonymous said: I'll also give you something else, although it won't help you at all seeing as it's never been on my blog, I was very very interested in SDSU and almost went there instead of the college I'm attending but money won out in the end. I hope you had a wonderful night and have a great day tomorrow. :) -J



  9. Anonymous said: Unf. I hope your day has been great. You deserve it, handsome. :) -J (aka your anon from the other day.)

    Thank you!!! Ah I have a first letter!!!


  10. Anonymous said: Unf!